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Yet another Biden War!

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A Telegraph heading this morning says: The world stands on the brink of all-out war

According to the Democrats and other miscellaneous leftists, Trump would surely start WW3!  For people living in the real world, he was actually the only president in recent history that DIDN'T start a conflict.

The death toll in Ukraine is likely well North of 400,000 already, and to that you need to add all the other miscellaneous deaths throughout the world that Obama's semi-senile (and thoroughly corrupt) puppet has caused.  What a price to pay in order to protect the feelings of deluded idiots from "mean tweets"!  November can't come soon enough!



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One of a growing number of indicators that we are heading for the biggest bust of our lifetimes, and that might be the least of our worries!  No one knows who the real gold buyers are, but the speculation doesn't seem too far off the mark. Biden's weaponising the dollar is behind this.  A Telegraph article today by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard makes chilling reading.




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Many of the ingredients seem to be there for another Minsky moment, named after the US economist Hyman Minsky – the point where markets and economies, overwhelmed by debt, suddenly collapse.

Minsky’s abiding economic insight is the idea that stability in financial markets breeds instability. The longer things remain settled and predictable, the more oblivious to risk financial markets become, until eventually the whole edifice comes tumbling down.  -- Jeremy Warner

So many warnings from so many insightful people, and the markets aren't heeding them!

Joe goes on making promises to get reelected that he can't possibly deliver on.  A whole generation of students got conned the last time around that their student loans would be forgiven, but there's now a new generation to pull the same trick on!

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