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  3. Ticks a box for me in any election! If it's really as good as the BBC wants us to believe, then loads of people will pay voluntarily - won't they?
  4. I happened to catch a segment on MSNBC last night where they were slamming the New York Post coverage of Biden's visit here. Apparently all the stuff appearing on the internet is "disinformation" too. So - if you believe the Democrats are totally sane people - you really should disregard this! What no one seems to have mentioned is that Joe also managed to headbutt a visibly alarmed Pope. His absence from the local dinner was excused as due to "tiredness" but, as they've surely got him pumped up with drugs during the day, it conveniently avoided the embarrassing photos of him crashing out. In any other theatre, they'd be charged with elder abuse.
  5. For an eighth prediction in the light of what I've seen of Joe Biden this week, down here: Joe Biden won't be allowed to continue as POTUS by his own Democratic Party. The lying media can't continue to cover for his mental state very much longer. Quite how they get rid of him is going to be an interesting watch, and those who pull the strings are leaving it very late. This event will come as shock news to the leftist hive mind types who blithely absorb every bit of garbage the mainstream media circulates. No one in their right mind could contemplate Kamala Harris taking over from him (the ultimate woke job placement) so they have a really tough task in timing this. His obvious replacement Gavin Newsom has made such a hash of California that the next Democratic candidate will likely be some relatively unknown Democratic state governor. If they do select Newsom, it's another gift for Donald Trump, but I will leave this as just one extra prediction. We live in interesting times!
  6. Please no! Pneumonia awaits in that climate. You're actually going to need some industrial grade wellies, now that Rishy's parade is well and truly underwater! 💦💦💦💦💦💦
  7. John Ginty was serve five years and three months in prison and an extended licence period of four yearsView the full article
  8. Seriously, though, the locals are up in arms here about the traffic disruption. There have been potholes filled that have been like that for years, and that's in places where the G7 leaders are never going to go! The sky has been thick with helicopters, costal surveillance aircraft and military drones. I could post you some pictures, but it will likely violate some security law. If they are discussing so-called climate change, then there's an awful lot of hydrocarbons being burned in the process. But you'd expect that sort of hypocrisy from the globalist elites anyway! For those who don't know what I'm on about: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2024/06/13/welcome-to-the-most-unpopular-g7-summit-ever/
  9. @HIGH PIT WILMA There are loads of useful gadgets and equipment available through the RNIB - Royal National Institute for the Blind (and partially sighted). Have a look at what's available on their Northumberland RNIB site: https://www.rnib.org.uk/sightline-directory/organisations/bid-services-northumberland-867d6c8c-25ac-4997-9fe1-7bdcb6f1edfb/ ... or better still, get in touch with them at their Morpeth office: Address: Office 3D, Austin House, Sanderson Arcade, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 1NS Phone: 0121 246 6100 Email: info@bid.org.uk Web: https://www.bid.org.uk/locations/northumberland/ If you like reading contact the local library about audio books and large-print newspapers.
  10. I'll just get my tap shoes out of retirement and I'll be right behind you!
  11. You could be waiting a long time even though the GE 'should'' show there are a few hundred thousand of them around. I will still be singing and dancing in the rain doo be do do, do be doobe dodo, doo be do do, do be doobe dodo, doo be do do, do be doobe dodo
  12. I believe we are stuck with party politics for that lack of a better system, I don't support any particular party but tend to support the person I believe or trust (regardless of the party). I can't remember a party being voted in rather than a party being voted out! Changes from what we are getting to what we would like to have. I remember the days of a little black car with a tannoy on top bellowing "Vote Alf Robens, for the working people", My biggest party peeve is If you are for it then I'm against it, no matter how good it is.
  13. Hi Canny Lass!..many thanks for your kind reassurance and good advice..it is much appreciated!..aye,my Sister is ten years younger than me,and she has had Glaucoma since she was a lot younger..and has had Cataracts removed,and she is still enjoying reasonably good vision,but she has never driven..with me ,and others like me,having to stop driving is like cutting my legs off!!..but I'll get by!! The medical team at the RVI are magnificent!..aye,aam on two sets of eyedrops morning and night..have to see the team in eight weeks time..I do 't drink coffee,and not much tea ....and I aam a teetotaller ,so hopefully things will stay stable!! I thought my laptop screen was fading,cos my pit pics are ,or appear ti be,fading..but's it's me gaan bliind ye bugga!!.. Cheers folks,luvly ti hear from ye's again!! Bill.xx
  14. Even if you're one of those hate not hope Labour voters who always wanted to see the "evil Tories" obliterated [I'm looking at you, Symptoms], it makes not the slightest bit of sense to give your vote to Labour this time. Labour is pretty much guaranteed their turn in the cosy duopoly that has existed for our lifetimes, so a Labour vote IS a wasted vote. The ONLY way to ensure that the globalist creature laughingly named Conservative is banished from history is to vote for Reform. Reform won't take power, but they will consign the Conservative Party to the dustbin of history after a lot of kicking and screaming. A comeback will only be possible if globalist Labour throws their globalist Conservative buddies a lifeline. If you still haven't woken up in the 21st century and smelled the coffee, then see today's Torygraph for full details of the rout: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2024/06/12/tory-2019-voters-say-conservatives-deserve-to-lose-seats/ I really really really would like to hear from a Labour voter on why they think voting Labour is a good idea. I've asked several Labour supporters this question, but they've gone uncharacteristically silent on the matter. It's almost as if they know that they are acting irrationally, and are embarrassed to admit this to themselves. Please feel free discus.
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  16. The council's deputy leader says stations could be added and the line could reach as far as NewbigginView the full article
  17. I spent a good hour with that Eggy - a literal trip down memory lane! Although... Memory Lane seems to be missing a few buildings! Thanks for posting it.
  18. @HIGH PIT WILMA Glaucoma is a serious illness, HPW, but it doesn’t necessarily have to lead to complete sight loss. You’ll probably need eye drops for the rest of your life and while they can’t cure the Glaucoma or restore what sight you’ve already lost they can prevent further loss of vision so keep using your drops and doing what the doctor tells you! We also have glaucoma in the family and were recommended to avoid caffeine which can increase the pressure in the eye. Avoid, or at least decrease, your intake of: coffee, tea and chocolate. (Tea has only half the amount of caffeine compared to coffee). Take real good care of yourself!
  19. Bedlington to Morpeth showing Morpeth North Curve route to Pegswood
  20. Good luck Bill - I'm guessing your using eyedrops to treat the glaucoma.
  21. Sorry Alan,canna help here,but mind there are two lads who I thought I recognised but they have been named..Cheers Bill.
  22. *UPDATE* 10-6-2024..I will be 80 yrs old in July, in a few weeks time..and have just been diagnosed with Glaucoma in both eyes...I am now enjoying looking back at my younger self and my old Marra's..before my eyes become so dim I won't be able to see these pics at all.Thanks a lot to Alan Edgar once again for the hard work he has done,keeping these memories alive!! Cheers Marra!! Bill.
  23. 10-6-2024...UPDATE!!...This car park is now the site of a brand new built housing estate.Hope the Builders informed their customers who bought the new houses,that the car park used to flood up to three feet deep,or more..during Gale force easterly winds piling up an already very high Spring tide,causing backflow of sewage to flood the plain!! [the pit canteen used to be flooded out over four feet deep also!!]..there are photo's of the car park under water on other sites on Facevbook.
  24. Thank you both very much! That clears it up. James
  25. Eggy, I see you had a question earlier about how the pit rows were named. My experience in researching the pit villages has shown that many of them have three names in common: Wood Row, Stone Row, Brick Row and the explanation, I believe, is that there weren't any 'official' street names until postal services were developed. Originally one row of wooden houses sufficed for the small pits and it had no name. Wood was cheap and houses could be quickly erected. Later, as production expanded, more houses were needed and a new row was built - in stone. Residents distinguished their place of abode as either the wood row or the stone row. Later houses were built of brick and these were referred to as the brick row. When postal addresses were introduced these names became 'official'. It's a pattern seen in many many collieries.
  26. @7RIrF Hi James, Wood Row was located between Double Row and Chapel Row in Barrington Colliery. That part of the 1901 census you posted shows schedule numbers 127 – 130. If you move a long a few pages to schedule nr 143 (still on Wood Street) you’ll see that the Post Office was situated in that house (probably looked after by the lady of the house, Marg. Ross). This bit of info makes it easier to identify Wood Street on the 1898 map which Eggy posted above as the post office is clearly marked PO. On the map from 1924 Wood Row no longer exists - probably demolished because of its deplorable state.
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