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  3. Labour's PCC Kim McGuinness was at a demonstration of one of the devices this weekView the full article
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  5. The 434 service has been branded to highlight the destinations available on the Northumberland Line, as well as connecting to the National Rail network in NewcastleView the full article
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    Doors open 9.00 am for sellers.
  7. History destination Tall ship at the Pier The importance of having two rivers for safety . The Railway history/ wagon ways Why not ?
  8. History destination Tall ship at the Pier The importance of having two rivers for safety . The Railway history/ wagon ways Why not ?
  9. The Closure Order was served by North Northumbria Magistrates after an investigation by Safer Neighbourhood Officers from Northumberland County Council's housing team, who were assisted by Northumbria PoliceView the full article
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  11. @ms_lighthouse happy to have been able to help.
  12. Paul Brown, of Hebburn, has been jailed for his disgraceful behaviour in the 'toxic' relationship during which he proposed within a week then told her to watch her back when they splitView the full article
  13. @Raymond Ball welcome to the site - names updated
  14. I'm Raymond Ball. I'm actually number 16 and my twin brother, Trevor is 17. 5 is Trevor Jones and 13 is Dennis Hall.
  15. No's 3, 5, 7 & 16 from John Smith + a correction to the surname for No6.
  16. No 3 confirmed as her uncle Peter Smith by Juliet Wearmouth - Bygone Bedlington Facebook group.
  17. https://www.itv.com/news/tyne-tees/2024-02-15/britishvolt-administrators-in-negotiations-with-potential-new-buyers?fbclid=IwAR2y_w_7jLEwHIS4IlO9P-qHTNsNfxscb6LKcW96bL-0TWzBBh0J-SobV_k
  18. I know its a few years since the last post on this thread, but I'm doing some family history stuff and searched 2 gate house... it would appear my ancestors lived there between yours! Mine were there in the 1921 census, and moved on by 1939! Thanks so much for that map canny lass!
  19. No 7 named by Jean McDonnell on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group.
  20. Yes 7, Whitsun Gardens a time of no cares and total innocents.
  21. @John S Smith when I posted yur photos on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group to see is any member could name anyone in your photos there were two members who must have know you from the 1950's and they asked :-
  22. Good all info only helps to get to the truth, it is amazing how quickly things are forgotten and lost.
  23. @John S Smith your list of names added to your photo. I will post the photo on the Bygone Bedlington group and see if anyone can help with the names.
  24. @John S Smith comments from the Bygone Bedlington members have given a full set of names for the photo. However they do no match the names you gave entirely. A Clare Curtis has been in touch with her mam Thelm Curtis (nee Douds) and Thelma says it is not her in the photo but she does remember the pupils in the photo. Jacqueline Adamson (don't know he maiden name) also remembers these pupils and has come up with a couple of names :- Your photo with the revised names :-
  25. @John S Smith posted your photos on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group and I have a few names to add to your photos. One comment on your photo of you and george Grahame was :-
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