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  1. 7RIrF

    Red Row

    Ah thank you for making it clearer for me! James
  2. 7RIrF

    Red Row

    They appear on the map to be the same thing with a different name... exact same spot, up the road from Red Row... it's the exact same Colliery, no? "Hannah Pit" 1866: 1924: James
  3. 7RIrF

    Red Row

    Thank you both, definitely clears it up! I am right in saying Hannah pit became Bomarsund pit? why was that? Did Barrington Colliery continue to own Bomarsund pit after the name change? I agree that Red Row was probably built by Barrington Colliery due to it proximity, but if so, why not just build it next to the main lot of Barrington Rows beside Henry pit? James
  4. Hi, You may have already known this but in case you don't: Thomas Bestford served with the Royal Engineers as a Sapper, entering theatre (Mesopotamia) Feb 1917. He was commissioned on the 4th November 1918, to 2/Lt. At some point he is promoted to Lieutenant. Along with the Victory & British War Medal, Thomas received the General Service Medal with the Iraq Clasp, as he went on to serve in Iraq after WW1 (presumably the Iraq revolt). George Bestford was a Sergeant in the 20th NF (1st Tyneside Scottish), his number was 20/21 meaning he was the 21st man to enlist in the Tyneside Scottish. He is wounded, at which point I believe he was transferred to the 25th NF (2nd Tyneside Irish) and is then commissioned to 2/Lt (I don't know the date). He goes on to be promoted to Lieutenant whilst attached the the 9th NF. He is at some point again transferred but to the 2/4th Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. I have attached a photo from the Illustrated Chronicle. Along with a paper clipping of him being reported wounded - Newcastle Journal 12th July 1916. I have also attached a newspaper clipping relating to William Thomas Bestford - Newcastle Journal, Friday 28th July 1916. Along with a photo of William from the Illustrated Chronicle. There is an Adam Bestford serving in the Royal Engineers, (n. 1248 & 459201) - possibly your man?.. I can' t find any evidence at the moment to link Adam to your Adam. I have also found a William Bestford which I believe is their cousin. His father is William, brother of Thomas (father of the 6 boys). He served in the Northumberland Fusiliers (n. 19530). He was discharged 21st Feb 1918, residing at Bedlington Colliery. I have also attached a photo from the Illustrated Chronicle. Many thanks, James
  5. 7RIrF

    Red Row

    Hello, Perhaps an obvious/stupid question, but could anyone tell me what was "Red Row"? as if simply a colliery row in Bedlington Station, why is it built so far out from Bedlington Station... why did they chose that spot, to the North of Bedlington Station, east of Barrington and south of Stakeford and Bomarsund On maps like the one attached, it is written in bold as if it is a village... is it a village? I don't think it had a colliery. James
  6. No, I don't have a Facebook - so I can't see the Barrington group
  7. Thank you very much for posting it! I don't really need anything on George, but I have a photo from the illustrated Chronicle they might not have/like to have! George was one of seven pals from Barrington who enlisted together, all with consecutive service numbers, joining the 21st NF - George was the only one to be Killed. Also Attached are his pension cards! James
  8. I am currently researching men of Barrington who died in both World Wars. It includes men who resided in Barrington, but also those born in Barrington If anyone knows of any men I have missed, I'd love to know! WW1: George Anderton; Henry Appleby; George Charlton; Robert A Charlon; John Cowans; Thomas H Cowen; James Dunbar; Aaron E Gardner; George E Gibbon; Joseph B Glendinning; George Grant; Mark F Green; Frank Foster; William Hardy; James Harle; James E Hartill; William Henderson; Thomas Hudspith; John W Hutchinson; George Jackson; Edward Johnson; Francis Johnson; John E Johnson; William Joisce; James W Jordan; Walter J Kelly; William Logan; William Montgomery; Alexander Orkney; George Paxton; John J Percy; Joseph Riddell; Joseph Ross; Henry R Routledge; Thomas R Routledge; Robert Sanderson; James Scurfield; Tom Smith; John Stoker; Arthur Thompson; Henry D Thompson; John W Turner; Luke Wanless; Joseph Weightman WW2: John R Cook; John Hudspith; Leslie Joisce; William J Spencer Cheers, James
  9. Thank you very much! James
  10. Hello, Could you tell me how you found this particular map on the NLS website, as I would like to have a look at it, but I can't find it and struggle to use the website. James
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