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Bolam Place

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5 hours ago, Terry Dixon said:

hi terry dixon here in nsw australia  wollongong albion park i visited bellington in 1977 to stay with relatives  either dixon or thompson  my grandmother was born there 1900  the only names i remember were lockey  peter  who would be about 70 now and quinton who was badly burnt by electrical shock while climbing a power pole  in the 70tees i will be comming over to europe and england in november this year  and was hoping to get in touch with my relatives thanks terry  

 Welcome to the group @Terry Dixon

The housing area around Bolam Place won't have changed since 1977:)

Although I haven't lived in Bedlington since the mid 1970's i can remember some names from Bolam place as they were the lads I knocked around with in the 1960's - Dixon - Lightley - Trench & Thompson. Those families all lived in the houses that faced the green looking towards Waverley Avenue :-


Bolam Place Bedlington .jpg

Bolam Place Bedlington 2.jpg

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On 12/03/2023 at 19:27, Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) said:

Would that have been Gerry Dixon who joined the Merchant Navy, along with Robin Hills, in the mid to late 1960's?

We always referred to Mary Miller as 'Little Mary' and I though she lived in Waverley Avenue - about No 20/21 across the road from Bolam Place.

Yes jerry dixon is my uncle and lenny (billy) was my dad he died 2 years ago..my grandmother was ellen and grandad was also lenny..and yes mary lived across the field.

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