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  1. Noting wrong at all @Tonyp. I was simply contacting stustep, via the '@' name tag method, so they could see what had been said about the property with the Blue Badge that was the initial query. The info on the other premises is good I see Canny Lass - Coming soon This is an interesting family and I've been researching them this week. I'll post soon, probably on John Dawson's thread The Last of the Nailers. It will probably be long so it may need a few posts. - looks like she has been digging on the genealogy site
  2. @stustep as you can see we have gone off track from your original query on your property with the Blue Plaque. Haven't been able to turn up any more info on who had lived in that property through the years. I wonder if @Maggie/915 has any info via the Bedlington History Society? stustep - if you are on Facebook then you could join their group and ask :-
  3. I agree that the way they talk suggests that there will be 4,00 jobs for the life of the data centre but that has always been the way they put it to the audience as they attempt to impress the public with 'their' achievment. Extract from the Financil Times online story - If successful, it is hoped that the project could attract billions in investment to build one of Europe’s largest data centres and create about 4,000 jobs, the council said. I can put up with that nonsense it's the way the world has been informed that Britishvolt, and now Blackstone, are building on the former Blyth Power Station (BPS) site. I am not aware of BPS having owned all the surrounding plots of land in Cambois. As far as I am concerned Britishvolt have never been on the BPS site. 🤞
  4. So if the move for the QTS Data Center is successfull then Cambois will have a cloud hangiing over it for many years to come
  5. @stustep using a B&W version of @James's early 19th century photo I have added some old and new images confirming it.
  6. @stustep I have no idea what changes the building has gone through. I wonder if @HIGH PIT WILMA can remember any?
  7. @stustep didn't find anything in th Evan Martin booklet on the Bedlington Iron Works (but I did just scan through it ) I did a Google of 'Gibson Bedlington nailers' and there is one directory that shows Ann Gibson as the owner of the nail manufacturing business With a bit of maniplation and I extracted, via screen shots, some extracts from the directory and then with a bit of clarting Iclagged some bits together to make a couple of pages, the cover page and page 897 on Bedlingtonshire :- Yon can seen the directory shows the name Gibson Ann twice. And then I download @Maggie/915's photo of the blue plaque just to show what we have been checking on
  8. dosen't give any more info than the reference CL has pointed to but the Northumberland County Council has the 'Northumberland Extensive Urban Survey' document and paragraph 6.7 has :- 6.7 Chain and Mail Manufacturers and Ironmongers There is an account book for Gibson Bros. of Bedlington chain and mail manufacturers and ironmongers dated 1853-1923. This account book lists orders from customers but does not establish the location of the works, which may have been within the Bedlington Iron Works. Link to it is :- https://www.northumberland.gov.uk/NorthumberlandCountyCouncil/media/Planning-and-Building/Conservation/Archaeology/Bedlington.pdf
  9. @John Fox (foxy) & @Mal I am assuming the council will have records of the Blue Plaques - do you know who to contact at the council offices? I don't know if English Heritage are sent all info on Blue Plaques (to me). @stustep - I know @Andy Millne added an entry into the bedlington Timeline :- @Jammy posted in a topic 'Halfpenny Woods' create by @Canny lass and mentioned the iron Works and in his comment was this bit about nails :- Something else that has me thinking. Which way were the completed steam engines moved from the works. I suppose they could have travelled towards the Kitty Brewster or beyond to flatter ground and joined the rail network in the Bates pit area. The furnace bridge is an arch but is flat on the top so the engines could be wheeled/dragged across it with teams of horses. Then there would be the problem of getting them up to the bank top. I doubt horses could pull them up but perhaps a stationary steam engine could pull them up but where would they go from there. There was a rail track from the iron works that ran along the edge of the river towards the black bridge. This track was paid for by the Iron Works and connected with the Barrington pit track that brought coal to the riverside for transfer onto barges. The iron works then had coal delivered directly to the works. I'm not sure if the trains went along that track because it was probably not a standard gauge track and was used to carry tubs of coal. The trains could have been loaded onto a barge though that would be risky and where would they be off loaded. I'm a bit puzzled. There is a stone block wall next to the furnace bridge which was probably reinforcing the land behind it and was used to tie up barges bringing supplies to the Iron Works or taking some of the other goods produced at the Iron Works. The Iron works also produced 100,000's of stamped nails that were transported all over the UK and the world. I'll have a look at the Evan Martin booklet - Bedlington iron & Engine Wporks 1736-1867' and see if the name 'Gibson' gets mentioned.
  10. Welcome to the group Kathleen. I can't really tell you any history behind te East Homes Cottages other than, as @James has written above, that what is in one of Evan Martin's books on Bedlingtonshire. In the book Bedlingtonshire Now and then this is what evan Martin posted :- The name Gibson House in Rothesay Terrace doesn't ring a bell with me but that's nothing unusual these days. I know at each end of Rothesay Terrace there was a large detached house. As far as I remember the one across the road from the Easton Homes used to be lived in by the manager of the Bedlington 'A' pit and it is now Holmside Residential Care home. At the other end of Rothesay Terrace the detached house is now the Willows Nursing Home :- No 9 Stead lane is a cottage that I would assume from the back garden you would be able to see the Furness bank down to the Furness bridge and the river Blyth where you would have been plodging - ioor as we would say - you went plodgin in the clarts I don't recall anu of the names of the lads you played with around Stead Lane. I lived behind the Oval shops, Coquetdale Place, from 1949 onwards and we were regulars in the council estate across from Stead Lane where my mam's aunty lived in Elenbell Avenue and we used to go to a shop, Doyles, in Stead Lane.
  11. Info updated to include 'Secodary School' after comment posted on the Cambois Facebook group.
  12. How many battery factories are there in the UK? one factory The UK only has one factory producing batteries at “giga” scale: a site run by the Chinese-owned AESC in Sunderland that supplies Nissan. It is capable of producing 2 gigawatt hours (GWh) of battery capacity a year. Two more gigafactories are due to be built.20 Nov 2023
  13. With the names suupplied by pat Robinson on the Cambois Facebook group.
  14. Pupils that attended the junior schools in Cambois & Bedlington progressed to the West Sleekburn Middle school , in the 1980's & 90's before moving on to the 'High' schools.
  15. Photo fro John Krzyzanowski and names fro the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group members.
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