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The compliant media is avoiding any mention of the US Banks that are refusing US depositors access to their own money.  Apparently, as of 36 hours ago, there was a jaw dropping thirty of them!  If you need to know the names, then the "Black Conservative Patriot" YouTube channel is your goto.  This worthy gentleman is clearly exercising his black privilege by ceremoniously donning his "black banker glasses" and exposing them to the world.  He's plainly daring the (putatively racist) wokies who control YouTube to deploy their take-down digit.

More amusing still was the Signature Bank's video on using the correct personal pronoun from its infinitely wide palette.  I'm not sure if it was intended for staff or for customers - probably both.  I said was because that has been rapidly taken off the bank's website, together with all other evidence of terminal wokeism.  It's a pure gem, with a smiling bank CEO introducing his chosen lecturer, reportedly on some obscene salary, to present his brain-numbing whiteboard of "valid" personal pronouns.  As we are so frequently reminded: woke rhymes with broke - almost as well as banker rhymes with ...

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