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..and another one bites the dust!

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Wilko collapse fears live as high street giant falls into administration

Alnwick, Ashington, Blyth, Cramlington..   Think I was in the Cramlington one a couple of years back.  12,000 jobs is a pretty big hit these days. :(

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If it was on the BBC it must be true..  unless it was about Nigel Farage's bank account, of course! :D

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Whoops yet another BBC wokey whoopsie..


The BBC has apologised after a presenter called the Second World War Dambusters raid “infamous” on its 80th anniversary in May.

Sally Nugent used the term in a BBC Breakfast segment about RAF 617 Squadron’s 1943 attack on three key dams in Germany. She was reporting on a flypast by Second World War bombers in May when she used the word. It prompted two viewers to complain to the corporation that the description breached accuracy and impartiality guidelines.

Executive Complaints Unit (ECU)</a> has ruled that “the original broadcast was not duly accurate”, and the broadcaster has apologised.

You can't get the staff these days!  Or rather, you can't get the staff if you only advertise your vacancies in The Guardian.  They need to be more inclusive and advertise in Socialist Worker too!

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