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high pit wilma :-

Coal winding shaft headgear,and surface buildings [1986]

-months before the pit closed.

frazerweb PRO :-

What I love about this headgear is it features on Get Carter at the end of the film, with the chase on the Blyth staithes.

high pit wilma :-

Hi! Yeah, i was pleased to capture the staithes on one or two of my other shots,as they were reduced in height,down to just above the high water mark,a few years ago.

From the album:

Bates Pit by High Pit Wilma

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BigLoada ~:- I just love the cars in this shot!

Logan_5 :- A sight that will live for me, with the rest of my life (the iconic pitheads) Remember so much about this place, as a kid. Catching the pit bus with my dad at Stakeford on a Saturday morning. Getting to the pit - going to see the 'winder-man' and getting a sit in his chair! Going for a shower and being amazed by all the lockers in the locker room. Getting a remarkably brilliant breakfast at the pit canteen, before us getting the ferry over to Cambois to see my grandma and grandad. A top day!

Wilma - my dad is Alan Burn and he sends his regards to you. BL says that my dad used to run the cable in for you to fire the shots?
One of my biggest regrets, is that I never got a look down Bates. My dad said he'd take me down for a look when I was 18, but the place was shut by that time. Still disappointing even now.

high pit wilma :- Hi Logan,thanks for your comments!
Give my regards to your dad,me and Alan always got on great,we both have the same interest in cars...tell him i'm driving a vauxhall signum now,it's brilliant..!
He knows me by my real name,[Bill].

Logan_5  :- D I'll tell my dad, Bill. Alan still loves his Vauxhalls - he's flying around in a 2.5 Omega now. 

Didn't you nearly buy his Vauxhall Ventora off him, back in the early 70's? Remember Dean telling me that story!

high pit wilma :- Hi , Logan!
Heh! heh! i knew big Al would have nothing less than the Omega,until Vauxhall decide to think about the next executive motor!!
Yeah, i was gonna buy his Ventora,cos i loved them,mine had been written off,but dad's needed a bit work,and he was totally honest with me,even advised me to keep looking around for a better one! [ not many blokes would have done that!]
My next one i had 6 years,and scrapped it,my third one i had 6 years, and i was wrote off on a busy road in london...13 years in total of ventora's.[nobody can tell me owt aboot them..i had every fault on a car you can possibly think of!!]

hoggy03 :- Hi Bill, i found out the dark blue van in this shot is my dad's, a person who stands out in a crowd and well known for his van's, great shot with getting the cars and the headgear in, was the shot takin looking to the east?

high pit wilma :- Hi Hoggy, yes,this is looking eastward. The views from the headgear pulleys,give you a better idea which direction you are looking down at.

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10-6-2024...UPDATE!!...This car park is now the site of a brand new built housing estate.Hope the Builders informed their customers who bought the new houses,that the car park used to flood up to three feet deep,or more..during Gale force easterly winds piling up an already very high Spring tide,causing backflow of sewage to flood the plain!! [the pit canteen used to be flooded out over four feet deep also!!]..there are photo's of the car park under water on other sites on Facevbook.

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