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    Guitars,Motorcycles,Remembering my wee Labrador cross...Little Black Jess..deceased 19-2-19 R.I.P LBJ.Sadly missed.

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  1. Thanks a lot,CL,for all your kind advice!..on the subject of Audiobooks..heh heh..My youngest Son has been a Recording Engineer/Producer,and now Editor of Audiobooks for nearly 20 yrs!!..we have a few in the house already,what he brought for his Mam to listen to..a while ago,but she couldn't get into them,so one night I started to check one out,and got into it the first five minutes..but didn't intend listening to it all..my spare [!!] time is spent wi my second love..my guitars!![I am easily pleased in life!!].I see the RVI Consultant Opthalmologist in a few weeks time..so we'll see what happens..I surrendered my driving licence back to DVLA a few days ago..mind,that's like cutting me legs off!! Apart from aal that moaning aam aareet and Chinkaplonka!! Cheers Bonny Lass!! Billx
  2. Hi Canny Lass!..many thanks for your kind reassurance and good advice..it is much appreciated!..aye,my Sister is ten years younger than me,and she has had Glaucoma since she was a lot younger..and has had Cataracts removed,and she is still enjoying reasonably good vision,but she has never driven..with me ,and others like me,having to stop driving is like cutting my legs off!!..but I'll get by!! The medical team at the RVI are magnificent!..aye,aam on two sets of eyedrops morning and night..have to see the team in eight weeks time..I do 't drink coffee,and not much tea ....and I aam a teetotaller ,so hopefully things will stay stable!! I thought my laptop screen was fading,cos my pit pics are ,or appear ti be,fading..but's it's me gaan bliind ye bugga!!.. Cheers folks,luvly ti hear from ye's again!! Bill.xx
  3. Sorry Alan,canna help here,but mind there are two lads who I thought I recognised but they have been named..Cheers Bill.
  4. *UPDATE* 10-6-2024..I will be 80 yrs old in July, in a few weeks time..and have just been diagnosed with Glaucoma in both eyes...I am now enjoying looking back at my younger self and my old Marra's..before my eyes become so dim I won't be able to see these pics at all.Thanks a lot to Alan Edgar once again for the hard work he has done,keeping these memories alive!! Cheers Marra!! Bill.
  5. 10-6-2024...UPDATE!!...This car park is now the site of a brand new built housing estate.Hope the Builders informed their customers who bought the new houses,that the car park used to flood up to three feet deep,or more..during Gale force easterly winds piling up an already very high Spring tide,causing backflow of sewage to flood the plain!! [the pit canteen used to be flooded out over four feet deep also!!]..there are photo's of the car park under water on other sites on Facevbook.
  6. The aad photo of the shop is hoo aa remember..broon painted shop front..roller shutters in later yrs,probably after the break-ins..the war hadn't been owa just four yrs prior ti my first seeing this Aladdin's cave..the only sweets I ever got at that age was when me Mother tuk me ti Doctor Hickey's Surgery,at Choppington,just up the bank from where a lived in Storey's Buildings,doon aside the Willow Bridge at Choppington Station..Dr Hickey aalwis kept a big tin of sweeties on his table at the side,and every kid who went to see him,even if it was their Mother who was the Patient,they got a sweetie..that was the way to befriend the kids and allay any fear aboot gaan ti see him!![dinna forget..we didnae hae the drugs we hae nooadays..us kids picked aal sorts of infections up..!!
  7. Hi Folks,Wemyssies was a confectionery wholesaler when aa was a bairn livin doon Hollymount Square from 1947..as a got ti aboot five yrs aad,me aader Brother,who would be eight yrs aad,[taakin aboot 1949 noo!],used ti tek me aroond and up Bell's Place,and aroond the corner..and we used to gaze in the windae of Wemyss shop,at the piles and piles of big sweet jars of sweets of aal description..we kids had nowt..me mutha cudnt gie us a jam sammidge in the afternoon when we hungry between meals..so we used ti drool owa the sight of aal these big sweet jars..we used ti watch vans coming and gaanin,loading and unloading whacks of these jars at a time and wondered what was gaan on..we didn't knaa wat the words "Confectionery Wholesaler" meant!..we were pitmans kids..a still wasn't at school yit..[a started in the Autumn term at the Bedlington Village Infants school in 1949].In later years,some of the Millfielders broke in and stole jars of sweets,the same ones broke into the Clayton Ballroom..they got caught and fined..it was a big crime scene in them days..hearing of local lads being taken to court..Bedlington was a quiet peaceful little village!!..It seems that building hasn't changed much owa the yeors...but Bedlington sure has!! Cheers!
  8. First chance a get,aal hae a luk in at the aad school and tek a picta..aam not shy o just waakin in and asking the Heedmaster and tell him/her aam a historian and original first day of oppenin pupil!!..in 1956...![dinna want ti open that ancient debate again mind!!],,aal see wat a can dae folks..it's difficult gettin oot noo..me Wife is ill,and aav just been diagnosed wi Glaucoma in both eyes..!!..me bike riding days seem ti be owa sadly!!..itll be me driving the way things are gannin!! Cheers folks!!
  9. A bit late,but just catched up heor..the year luks a bit mair accurate..but the number and some name still dinna add up!!
  10. Hope everybody has a better 2024 than this year!! Aal thi best Folks!!
  11. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you C.L. Cheers Bill.
  12. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you Maggie! Cheers Bill.
  13. Just caught up Sym..better late than nivvor aad Nicky [wor Heedmaster at thi Whitley] used ti say!!..Aal thi best for 2024! Also to all in here..a reet canny lot!! Cheers Bill!
  14. p.s. Working Man sung by Rita McNeil says it all!![live version!]
  15. Canny Lass,ONLY those who were pitfolks knew the hardships the families of the Miners faced in times of tragedy and distress,AND ,in normal day to day living..When an employer takes Six year old bairns carried on their Father's backs asleep,to work underground from midnight to midday..they HAVE TO BE EVIL..they even employed women,some pregnant,to work underground,and on the Screens on the surface...in the real old days..but even when I was 15 yrs old,in 1959,the NCB Training scheme,had us learning underground,how to attach pit tubs to a moving haulage rope,by lashing a heavy chain round the rope three times..[rope moving at two miles per hour..some 4 mph!!],and then clipping the end of the chain to the middle "Cock-hole" on the tub with a Sheckle and pin..all the time this was happening,we stopped the chain from pulling the tub away till required,by holding our pit boot OVER THE ROPE ON THE GROUND.letting the rope pass under the sole of our boot which was held against the chain to stop it from clicking away prematurely..talk about insane?...no health and safety then..many a kid and adults also,were run over by a loose wire strand on the rope snatching the chain away and tripping the haulage lad onto the ground,the pit tub running over their legs or arms..hard to describe..wish I could find a training film showing how this was done..I had many a near miss ,same as everybody else who had to do it!!Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!
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