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1948c Bed Council school named.jpg

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West End Junior school - Ridge Terrace

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Photo from Margaret McMillan Bedlington remembered Facebook group. Margaret named them all apart from No 34 that she believes was a Netherton Colliery lad. Far too early for a @Canny lass but would you know anyone from t that might be able to identify him? Was No 5 also from Netherton?

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George Campbell is No 33 on this photo.  Recently, I sent George, who now lives in Scotland,  a copy of this photo.  Needless to say he was very happy to get a copy after all these  years.  George responded with some  comments about the photo. George comments that most of the boys in the photo would be aged 13/14 years old and are still wearing short trousers.


George provided following information:

# 26 is Sylvia Golding (Maureen Curry was a year younger)

# 34 is Herbert Nicholson


The following pupils are missing from the photo for some reason:

Mary Snaith (Netherton)

Ella McLean

Mary Wilton (may have gone to musical college)

Peter Leithard (Netherton)


The pupils which came from Netherton Colliery School when it closed are numbers 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 34, 29, 30 in the photo.


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If this is 1948 then nr. 5 (Maud Bower) would be about 14 and that would be about right (born 1934). However, the closure of Netherton Colliery school couldn't have been the reason for the move to West End Council School. It was open long after 1948. I was a pupil there myself for a large part of the fifties.

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I do believe Maud Bower married John Carr ) wand they lived??24 or 26 Windsor Gardens when I grew up at 16, Windsor Gardens. She was my mum’s friend for a long time. When my parents were working we (my estranged brother and myself were taken in by Auntie Maud and she would experiment her culinary skills on us because “Uncle John “ insisted on plain fare. Cor! I’d forgotten all about the bacon omelettes which we thought were peculiar but ate them regardless because we were always hungry 🤔🌈xx

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@lilbill15You've got the wrong Maud there. Maud was a popular name in the Bower family - Maud, Elizabeth Maud, Lily Maud and Maud Ellen. It was Elizabeth Maud who married into the Carr family. With the exception of a few friends, she went by her first name - Elizabeth and would be too old for this photo.

I'm still not convinced that nr 5 is Maud. Lily Maud would be about the right age but I never met her so I've no idea what she looked like. However, I don't think she ever lived at Netherton. 

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