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Tempus Fugit!![aam not clivvor ye knaa..a ownly knaa that cos an aad Bates Pit Marra started mekkin waal clocks [whey not the actual clock....ye knaa..cabinets and mantelpeece moontings...]..and he used ti pin a wee scroll decoration at the bottom of thi clock woodwork..and it had the words ...Tempus Fugit..on it..so a axed wat it ment ind he telt is!!

So noo a try ti soond edjicatid...!!!

Snaadrops n Crocisis aalriddy on thi way up..Spring comin' in aalriddy!

Luvly time of the year..warmer days aheed!

Cheers Folks..[aam back!!]

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Seriously folks,it's been rough for the last three years,Cath has gone a lang way doonhill,healthwise,so aam not on often,just ti let ye aal knaa a haven't deserted!!


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